Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mom ,please . .

Posted by Della Silvia at 8:53 AM
Hey kalian semua ? Apakbr? Baik? Hah? Gak baik? Apa? Sedih? Bukan sedih? Trus apa dong? Hah? Oooohhh kamu lagi single ...
Santai aja deh .aku jga single kok .gak punya pacar ,gak punya gebetan hihi :')
Apa? Sedih?
Gaaaaaak!! Gue gak sedih!!!
Apa? Malem minggu?
Yap! Ini malm minggu .terus apa? Ada masalah kah?

To night .I feel so sad
I look him with new girl
She is not beauty like me!! She's Ugly and come from hell!!
Hahaha nooooo i'm kidding guys .
Guys .do you know ,what is love?
Maybe you're thinking im stupid when i'm ask about love .
But I really really really dont understand about it .
And read!!!

When i was child :
Me : mom ,what is love mom?
Mymom : when you grown up .you would know it dear .
Me : oh pleaseee

Now :
Me :mom, tell me all about love mom ?
My mom : Never! You must study hard dear!
Me :oh my god!


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