Sunday, July 8, 2018


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Dont know why i cant stop thinking bout u and when im thinking bout u my heart can’t stop beating, feeling sad, happy, miss, love, and sometimes i laugh alone or suddenly im crying just because u, feeling so crazy and so chaotic, my mind can’t stop think bout u and my heart always missing u, really so sorry with myself because i was let u go so easily, not let you go, but im the one who left u,

I can’t forget u, all about u
Even it just about the place only we know
I really wanna tell u about my feeling, about how hurt i am without u
But i have no courage even just to look at ur eyes, i have no courage

I want u to know, i really2 want u back, but how can i say that?
U look happier with ur new girlfriend
But I believe that i am the one who really love u more than anybody

I love u soo much
And i need u know

When u go until now i find another boys who caring me, bout no ones like u treat me
U are the better for me, u are the best for me

Think again
Why i and u cant be together maybe its because Allah have a beautiful reason why, maybe its because i love u too much

And now
I hope i can forget u


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