Friday, August 11, 2017

17 august 11

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I studied about time

I learned that the time is valuable, once you make a mistake,
even if it's just a mistake you consider a trivial thing but it will have an impact for later

If time can be repeated, I will go back to that moment,
where I'm still in a relationship with him and I will not waste him, lying to him, disappointing him

And this is the time, we can not play back like a song,
we can't repeat the time back and we can only regret for what we have done yesterday

I learn, I have a god, I have ALLAH where every step we must have been the best, must have been arranged in such a way as God

And maybe just from this way I can break up with him, in this way I can learn not to waste people, I learned to lose, I learned about the time
I learned ...

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